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How ShipBob Globalizes its Operations with Polytomic

"Polytomic gives us high level insights at our fingertips. We don’t have to chase down data on multiple platforms. It's been so impactful."

Introducing ShipBob

ShipBob is revolutionizing delivery capabilities for small to large retailers. It’s a third party logistics provider serving over 5,000 direct-to-consumer businesses. The company manages inventory planning, warehousing, and delivery for their customers. Recently, it was ranked by the Financial Times as one of the fastest growing companies in America.

They provide logistics and delivery solutions for B2C e-commerce businesses leveraging cutting edge technology, such as robotics, to maintain a competitive edge. ShipBob is constantly innovating and quickly expanding; they delivered over 1.7 million orders globally in March 2021 alone. The company prides itself in providing the best product in the space and delivering impressive cost reductions for its merchants.  

Jon is the Senior Revenue Operations Analyst tasked with managing ShipBob's go-to-market tech stack. This involves overseeing nearly twenty software solutions and automated integrations. His goal is to increase revenue by ensuring the efficiency of the Merchant Success, Merchant Experience, and Sales teams. 

He joined ShipBob as a Business Development Representative when the company was smaller, and has progressed through various roles over four years. Witnessing the company’s growth from 100 to 700 employees has given him unique insight into the inner workings of the organization. 

Pains Before Polytomic

Before Polytomic, ShipBob's Engineering team wrote custom scripts every time the Revenue Operations team needed new data pushed from the app database into Salesforce. Based on team capacity, this process would take two to four weeks every time a change was requested.

“Just to get one aggregated value, it took up to four weeks to get the Python script written, tested, and deployed. With Polytomic, I was able to recreate that in two days, with testing.”

Using Polytomic, ShipBob’s teams can quickly view and act on customer data in Salesforce without relying on the Data team. 

How the Merchant Success, Merchant Experience, and Sales Teams Function Better with Polytomic 

The data that Polytomic makes visible and actionable for the Merchant Success, Merchant Experience, and Sales teams enables them to proactively address customer concerns. Before using Polytomic, customers had to flag issues themselves. Now, ShipBob can notice potential problems before the customer does and preemptively engage them. This helps the teams frame these conversations as collaborative, not contentious. 

“With Polytomic I can pull our operational data into our Salesforce instance, where our reps are already working to give them new insights. They don't need to go to three different places within our database or within other tools.” 

Jon describes how having a critical data point, such as where a lead came from, has increased the Sales team’s conversion rate significantly. Knowing where a lead is sourced provides context as to the prospect’s likely pain points. Thus, the Sales team is better able to address those concerns quickly and close more deals. 

“This is where I think Polytomic wins: it fills the need for when a Sales Rep wants to quickly view a specific data point before a customer conversation. They need something super accessible and digestible. Polytomic helps put the right information plainly in front of the right person within Salesforce. They’re just much more efficient.”

How Polytomic Enables ShipBob to Build Custom Marketing Pipelines 

Polytomic allows ShipBob to build customer profiles based on demographics and product usage. They can use this information to segment their audience and build targeted marketing campaigns. 

“Polytomic has been extremely impactful for the Marketing team, particularly for those managing the top of the funnel and inbound leads. Our team is able to pull in data based on product usage which informs our outreach strategy. These proactive insights have been big breadwinners.” 

A deeper understanding of customer profiles and feature usage gives the marketing team clear direction on how to strategize their outreach, making their efforts more effective. 

How Polytomic can Empower the C-Suite

“Creating more robust reporting within Salesforce will be integral, not just for our frontline workers, but for our C-suite as well. We've had so many different ways to report and everyone pulls data differently. But if we have a single source of truth, then everyone could operate with the same information, making strategy conversations easier. So instead of spending time and energy aligning on metrics, we can instead focus on higher value questions that center around action and growth.” 

How Polytomic Accelerates ShipBob’s Growth

Polytomic has delivered unique impact for ShipBob’s teams. The Merchant Success team can better monitor account details and preemptively address problems. The Marketing team is now able to create customized outreach campaigns. The Sales team can easily view the source of their leads, identify likely needs, and improve the conversion rate. Polytomic is proud to work alongside ShipBob and provide insights for them as they scale.