Free yourself from your Eng and Data Teams

Made for revenue, sales, and business operations

Full customer records in your CRM, instantly

Enrich your CRM records with any data from your product database in real time with a few clicks. No engineers required.

Sync your proprietary data to the fields of your choosing

No more asking favors of your data and engineering teams every time you need new data synced to your CRM from your app database, data warehouse, or spreadsheets.

API limits? A thing of the past

Polytomic’s proprietary job queue automatically uses the right bulk APIs and rate limits based on the size of your data. 50 records or 50 million: we handle it all.

Maximize personalisation

The days of generic outreach are over. With the full customer state right in your CRM, you can instantly tailor your responses.

Integrated with your favorite tools

Sync any of your proprietary data from databases, data warehouses, and spreadsheets to the business systems you use.

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