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Visibility: Product usage data synced to your CRM
Cohesion: Break down data silos
Independence: No depending on Engineers
Unified: One platform to sync anything, anywhere


Personalize: Message based on product usage
Segmentation: Enrich your CRM with product data
360 View: A full view of customers and prospects


Context: Enrich user profiles with product usage
Reporting: Segment your users and tickets
Speed: Resolve tickets without hunting for data

Data teams

Unify: ETL, Reverse ETL, ELT, iPaaS, and APIs
Consolidate: Replace multiple ETL vendors
No-Code: Ditch the custom scripts
Central: One view for data infrastructure

What our customers say

Best Support
Spring 2023
Best Meets Requirements
Spring 2023
High Performer
Spring 2023
"Where Polytomic gives us significant value is its ability to enrich our user data with product context."
Eoin Clancy
Head of Marketing
"We set up Polytomic without having to bother our Data team."
David Ahn
Finance & Sales Strategy
“The support is among the best I have ever encountered.”
Bec Hu
Head of Sales Ops
"Our internal data was flowing reliably into Salesforce within minutes. The Polytomic team is great to work with!"
Eric Brody-Moore
Growth and Business Operations

Replace multiple vendors

Reduce costs and simplify workflows

One platform for all syncs

ETL, Reverse ETL, CDC, iPaaS, APIs, and spreadsheets

Sync only what’s changed

Save on API limits and compute costs

Point and click

Select and filter your data without writing code

SQL query support

Powerful transformations when you need them

Pull from any API

No more glue code for custom integrations

Self-hosting available

Turnkey deployment to your private cloud


SOC 2, GDPR, permissions, and audit logs

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