Polytomic Connect

> API for two-way ETL and data syncing with your customers

Sync to and from your customers’ systems

Pull from your customers' SaaS tools, databases, data warehouses, and REST APIs into your own data warehouses, databases, business applications, and spreadsheets.

Or go the other way: sync from your data warehouses, SaaS tools, databases, and APIs to your customers' data warehouses, business applications, spreadsheets, APIS, and cloud storage.

Authentication, handled

Never worry about OAuth, API keys, passwords,  or tokens.

One auth interface to databases,  business applications, cloud storage, spreadsheets, and REST APIs.

Large-scale data warehouse support

Native support for reading from and writing to data warehouses.

Stream updates from custom SQL transformations.

Differential syncing

Polytomic Connect automatically detects changes at the source, no matter what system you’re syncing from.

Sync only what’s changed: save on API calls and database load.

Native client SDKs

Truly-native clients available in Python, TypeScript, Go, and Java.

Features that get job done

Reverse ETL
Generic API connector
Differential syncing
Auth API
Sync event stream
SQL transformations
Data warehouse support
Admin panel
Scheduled or on-demand
Self-hosted option