Announcing Polytomic Connect

Ghalib Suleiman
Ghalib Suleiman
CEO and Co-Founder

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of our second product: Polytomic Connect.

Connect is an API you can use in your own products to either pull your customers’ data into your own systems, or push data from your own systems to your customers’, or both.

You can set up automatic data syncs in any direction between data warehouses, databases (including CDC streaming), cloud applications (e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk, etc), spreadsheets, cloud storage (S3 etc), and arbitrary APIs and webhooks. Connect takes care of authentication, automatically pushing updates, type conversions, rate limits, scaling to handle large volumes, monitoring, and alerting.

You can also sync updates from custom queries powered by data models you define as well join data across disparate systems (e.g. HubSpot + Stripe + Airtable) to sync fields from them in one payload to any destination.

The Connect API comes with certain features to make running in production convenient:

  • In addition to the REST API we also have native clients in Go, TypeScript, Python, and Java. There’s a Terraform provider too.
  • To aid monitoring of your syncs, we have a real-time event stream you can listen to. We have native support for redirecting this stream to your DatadogHoneycomb instance.
  • A self-hosted option using Docker (with a Terraform module) is available.
  • Our type engine does the right thing without getting in your way: highly precise when possible (e.g. when syncing to a data warehouse, the generated schema converts incoming JSON objects and arrays to native struct types rather than strings) and forgiving otherwise (e.g. we’ll automatically convert a source string type to a date when syncing to a date field in Salesforce).
  • APIs to create isolated organizations/workspaces per customer.
  • A full UI admin console in case non-technical members of your team want to look at or edit a customer’s syncs.
  • For those who need custom user permissions (you can certainly ignore this if you don’t!), we also have a full RBAC permissions engine with APIs to define custom security policies with associated permission attributes and custom user roles.

We hope you find this useful to use in your own products. You can browse our documentation with code examples here:

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