Introducing our Terraform provider

Ghalib Suleiman
Ghalib Suleiman
CEO and Co-Founder

Engineering teams commonly manage their infrastructure as code using Terraform. That way they get all the benefits of source code control (code reviews, versioning, CI integration, etc) applied to infrastructure provisioning.

Since Polytomic is a core part of data infrastructure for teams large and small, it makes sense to meet engineers where they are. We are thus pleased to release our Terraform provider.

You can now specify every object in Polytomic through Terraform, whether connections, models, syncs, workspaces, or users. This means, for example, that you can write Terraform to create a connection without having to interact with the user interface:

resource "polytomic_postgresql_connection" "example" {
  name = "Postgres database"
  configuration = {
    database         = "example-database"
    hostname         = ""
    password         = "secret"
    port             = 5432
    ssl              = true
    username         = "example-user"

You can then specify a model that uses this connection:

resource "polytomic_model" "example" {
  name          = "Example Model"
  connection_id =
  configuration = {
    table = "public.example"

These are two simple examples but there are a lot more. Syncs, workspaces, and users can also be created and maintained using Terraform.

Propagating changes made in the UI

So far we've covered making changes in Polytomic through Terraform. But we can go the other way too. Using our GitHub Action, changes made in Polytomic's UI can automatically generate a commit or a pull request on a Terraform GitHub repo that can be approved or rejected.


Our Terraform provider is available today; you can see its documentation here. Please email us at with any questions or if you need help setting it up!

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