Introducing the Polytomic Event Stream

Ghalib Suleiman
Ghalib Suleiman
CEO and Co-Founder

Today we are releasing the Polytomic Event Stream and its first native integrations: Datadog and Honeycomb.

What is the Event Stream?

The Polytomic Event Stream sends automatic status updates as Polytomic syncs progress, ranging from a sync.running event to sync.completed. Here is an example event payload that fired as soon as a sync started running:

	"type": "sync.running",
	"event": {
		"name": "Salesforce Sync",
		"organization_id": "be80a27e-0e80-4dcb-bee9-1666f02eeb83",
		"execution_id": "2a42c650-b741-4282-a4c7-19de797aa18b",
		"sync_id": "d09ceb2a-1641-4dc8-bdfe-d019d8964043",
		"target_connection_id": "7c67e0b3-9759-44eb-b96c-2a7042b583f0"

You can subscribe to the Event Stream using our API, thus receiving real-time updates on Polytomic syncs (including failure notifications).

Native Integrations with Datadog and Honeycomb

Whilst customers can use the Polytomic API to consume events as they wish, those using Datadog or Honeycomb can automatically forward the Polytomic Event Stream to those tools by simply clicking on a switch in the Polytomic Settings tab. Doing so will allow you to monitor Polytomic's operations from the same place you monitor the rest of your infrastructure along with any Polytomic-specific alerts or dashboards you'd like to create.

If you'd like to request integrations with other monitoring tools please email us at


For an overview of the Event Stream API and its event types:

To automatically forward Polytomic sync events to Datadog or Honeycomb:

As always, please contact us at with any questions or requests!

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