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How Convictional Powers its Growth with Polytomic

"Before Polytomic, we needed engineers to dig into our app database to find customer data. Now, it feeds directly into HubSpot and we don't have to involve technical teams. They can focus their time on improving the product."

Introducing Convictional

Convictional is the first supplier enablement platform for retailers and marketplaces. They work with quickly expanding wholesale businesses, marketplaces, and dropship suppliers to reduce costs and increase wholesale orders. You can read more about their unique business model here.

Catherine is a Customer Success Operations Specialist at Convictional. She supports the Customer Success team in efficiently delivering the best customer experience. Her responsibilities include managing the customer data that flows into HubSpot, as well as interfacing with the Billing and Support teams to handle customer concerns. The company is growing quickly and Catherine ensures that all customer-facing processes work reliably. 

Pains Before Polytomic

Before Polytomic, non-technical team members could not readily access customer data.

“Like many startups, we began with mostly software developers. They would search the application database to dig out customer data. That was fine given most people were engineers. But now we're seeing a shift in the team’s composition and we have people who don’t have the knowledge to log into a database and get the information that they need, myself included.”

Initially, Convictional’s customer data was only stored in their application database. Even when HubSpot was added, there was no communication between the two systems. This made it hard for customer-facing teams to do their job well because retrieving data was difficult.

“With Polytomic, customer data feeds directly into HubSpot and we don't have to involve technical teams.”

Teams that Benefit from Polytomic 

The Customer Success, Business Development, and Sourcing teams benefit from Polytomic. On the Business Development team, Account Executives rely on Polytomic to provide visibility of a prospect’s status in the sales pipeline, which informs how they approach conversations and develop the leads. 

The Customer Success team can now identify a customer’s potential needs before an interaction. This has been important when providing real-time support for onboarding users.

“Polytomic helps us see if we’re talking to a vendor or retailer, which changes the nature of the interaction. We can now predict problems users may experience during onboarding and proactively improve the process.”

Customer data visibility helps the Customer Success team deliver exceptional support. Information is now at their fingertips, allowing them to understand likely problems before they start troubleshooting, leading to faster ticket resolutions.

Another time saving feature of Polytomic for the Customer Success team is the ability to see user account information directly in their email client, through the Front integration. 

“Being able to feed customer information into Front without having to dig into our database gives us visibility on our customer data from any email. This is very helpful, especially for our support interactions. Our whole team is really excited.”

The Customer Success team finds Polytomic’s integration with Google Sheets particularly impactful for reporting.

“With Polytomic, I don't need to access our application database. I’m able to extract the data fields I need for reporting and can feed them to, or from, Google Sheets. This has been very useful for resource planning.”

The Customer Success team uses this reporting to view trends, like the number of sign ups, to plan staffing needs and work distribution accordingly. 

A unique feature of Convictional’s business is their Sourcing team, which helps Convictional’s customers find vendors for their products. Polytomic allows the Sourcing team to track a vendor’s onboarding progress directly in HubSpot. This visibility enables them to quickly move vendors through the process and better identify roadblocks.

How Polytomic Helps Convictional Grow

Convictional is growing quickly and is establishing reliable processes as it scales. Polytomic has helped the Sourcing and Business Development teams with greater visibility of customer data, which has saved valuable time and resources. In addition, the Customer Success team can now easily access relevant customer information from the outset of an interaction, resulting in improved ticket response times and quality of support. Polytomic is excited to be a part of Convictional’s unique platform and help power its growth.