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How Pathpoint Democratizes Data with Polytomic

"Polytomic’s product and team is a 6 out of 5. I’m proud to call Polytomic a partner of Pathpoint."

About Pathpoint

Pathpoint’s mission is to enable retail insurance agents to get small commercial E&S quotes to their clients quickly and easily in a digitized way. By plugging into the backend of various insurance providers, Pathpoint can serve up multiple E&S quotes in a matter of minutes so agents can find the coverage that is the best fit for their small business client. Additionally, Pathpoint streamlines administrative and compliance processes for the agent within its platform, like calculating taxes and fees and making it easy to submit affidavits.

The State of Data Syncs before Polytomic

Before Polytomic, Pathpoint was using several tools to replicate data into their warehouse (ETL) and then moving that data back out into their source systems (Reverse ETL).

With the limitations of the tools they had, some source systems couldn't be connected to, syncs were not able to be conducted in a timely manner, and the team needed to hop between tools to manage their data pipelines.

Any time they needed to sync data from or to a new tool in their stack, data pipelines needed to be created and managed in disparate tools which were hard to maintain and scale.

What Polytomic Enables for Pathpoint

"Polytomic makes getting data to the right place at the right time easy. Polytomic is a unique solution because it truly is a data anywhere-to-anywhere platform."

With Polytomic, the team consolidated their tools to serve all of their data pipeline needs – data replication, enabling operations, and customer facing use cases.

Data Replication

For data replication, Pathpoint uses Polytomic to sync data from their source systems to a variety of systems, primarily focused on their data warehouse. With data synchronized across systems, they have ownership of their data for a variety of downstream uses.

"Polytomic actually makes it enjoyable to get your job done."


Hamza uses one of Polytomic's most powerful features: the ability to join data across multiple systems and sync it in one go.

Rather than being restricted to point-to-point syncs, Polytomic also makes it possible to do a live join of data across (for example) Salesforce, the production database, the messaging platform, and the data warehouse.

“Joining data across [systems]... has been very empowering.”

Pathpoint uses Polytomic to join and sync data from  their product database to Salesforce. They calculate user-retention metrics and sync them back for the GTM teams – the team has up-to-date information directly in their CRM.

Customer Facing

Pathpoint leverages Polytomic to drive data collaboration with partners, syncing data from source systems into various partner tools, such as Google Sheets, so they can collaborate more efficiently.

By pushing data to S3, they can share live business statistics on their marketing site to provide social proof to potential customers. The fact that Polytomic is not restricted to data warehouses and can also connect to real-time systems has enabled Pathpoint to access data much sooner than with other solutions.

“Polytomic enables data syncing in near real-time… because it doesn’t need to go to a data warehouse first.”

Pathpoint's Future with Polytomic

Pathpoint has already implemented Polytomic into many of their data workflows.

However, the team sees even more opportunities to expand operational use cases and empower teams with data they didn’t have access to before.

This includes data that is currently stuck in the data warehouse and databases that could be moved to operational systems to drive additional insight and action across their stack, impacting teams across the company.

The use cases are expanding and the Pathpoint team sees Polytomic as a critical part of their business’s future.