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How Telnyx Accesses Usage and Revenue Data Through Polytomic

"Polytomic has enabled us to make many changes on a daily basis, all at the click of a button rather than creating multiple engineering tickets and waiting days, if not weeks for them to come through."

Introducing Telnyx

Telnyx is a connectivity platform and CPaaS provider that provides carrier-grade services on a global, private IP network. Active in dozens of countries, their mission is to democratize global communications: everything from voice to SMS to data from a modern day carrier.

We spoke with Eoin, the Growth Operations Manager at Telnyx. Just like RevOps, his direct responsibilities involve overseeing Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, Customer Success, and the revenue reporting that comes with it.

The State of Data Syncs Before Polytomic

For a company like Telnyx which values a gritty, do-it-yourself attitude, any problems would initially look to be solved through in-house builds. But because of their rapid growth, these would only be temporary solutions. Problems would need to be revisited every six months or so, and they were constantly in a cycle of technical debt attempting to fix issues.

Anytime they needed to move data, it involved engineers’ time and resources. Telnyx had to find a tool to replace their internal data pipelines, which wasn’t easy because they contained so much complex proprietary logic. The solution wasn’t a simple Google search away.

"It was multiple demo calls, working with technical stakeholders as well from the vendors' end to make sure that what we wanted to do two to three years down the line would be possible. And then we came across Polytomic."

How Growth Ops Uses Polytomic to Take Action and Engage Users

Right now, the primary users of the data syncs from Polytomic’s integration are the Growth Ops team. From a Sales Ops perspective, Telnyx syncs revenue data from its database to its CRM, which is vital to know when users hit key milestones and activations. They can sync in usage and revenue data and have simple triggers to send certain users over as a product qualified lead. All to push them down the sales funnel. 

Similarly from a Marketing Ops perspective, Telnyx uses Polytomic for attribution. With the seamless integrations Polytomic provides, Telnyx is able to clearly see the paths active users took and the ads they saw in order to do proper attribution.

The Polytomic Difference for Telnyx

As Telnyx continues to expand globally into different regions, Eoin and the team are focused on the ability to have clear revenue attribution to specific geographical areas. Having this information synced to their Salesforce instance from their proprietary data stores is crucial.

“Basically anything we need to do from a regional standpoint, once we get into Salesforce, we're able to slice and dice it as we need then. And that helps us with everything from the lead life cycle to funnel reporting."

As someone who’s worked through well over a dozen vendor onboardings, Eoin was very impressed with Polytomic’s process. 

“Working with the team was the best onboarding experience I’ve ever received.”

Telnyx’s Future with Polytomic

“Where Polytomic gives us significant value is its ability to enrich our user data with product context. That’s context that we’re only going to want to further enrich and add to into the future.”

Eoin and Telnyx’s dependence on revenue and usage data coupled with Polytomic’s ability to have non-technical operators sync it to their preferred systems is a huge win for the Telnyx team. Thanks to Polytomic’s tools, Telnyx saves time and money without having to count on engineering resources to help, thus maintaining total control of their data and where it moves.